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The first consideration is the following: when preparing cooked ham such San Giovanni’s, the fundamental ingredient to obtain a product with the right characteristics is the meat. In fact, all the interventions that the ham undergoes during the processing are all meant to respect and intensify the original characteristics of the raw material and any transformation process that could alter the original characteristics is deliberately avoided.

Production is made of raw material of strictly Italian origin, selected and with a guaranteed traceability: on each thigh is visible the “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA” brand, the “tattoo” certyfing that the pig was born and raised in Italy, as well as the “PP brand “, certifying that the meat is part of the Raw Parma production circuit. Still, not all thighs with these certification automatically become San Giovanni’s ham, as they have to pass a visual examination by the company’s holders as soon as they arrive at the production site.

Once arrived at the production site in Borgonovo Val Tidone, thighs are left in the refrigerating cells for at least four days. After that, the meat is progressively brought to a 6 ° temperature and then they enter into the production cycle; the first phase is that of the “syringing” phase, when a salt solution made of salt, sugars, natural aromas and a small amount of preservatives, is inserted in the inner part inside of the thigh. Unlike the methods commonly used, we still adopt the traditional “syringing” in the vein method, that permits to bring the salt solution into the meat only through the femoral vein. It is key to consider that thanks to this system it is possible to add only a small amount of salt solution to the meat, in order to guarantee an as authentic as possible product; also, this method respect natural characteristics of the meat without altering its muscular structure.

Then the thigh is boned by “creeping”, extract the femoral bone without any external cut so as to retain the anatomical shape. At this stage, it is key the preparation of the salt solution and its most precious part: the aromatic infusion. The one used in San Giovanni is made exclusively of natural substances and obtained through an attentive boiling of vegetables and spices following a recipe, with specific timing and composition, jealously safeguarded by the producers. Once the boiling of the aromas is completed, the infusion is cooled off and, after being filtered, is added to the rest of the salt solution. The following step is the chopping: at this phase the meat, collected in large steel containers of a total weight of about 600 kg, is under-seal massaged to obtain a proper protein extraction and a perfect harmonization of the aromatic parts; the all process lasts 72 hours.


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