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Giacomo’s Oil production is committed to obtain a product characterized by high standard quality and nutritional properties. An extremely high attention is paid to the Chaining process control (according to UNI 10939: 01 Extra Virgin Olive Oil), to the supervision of critical phases, collection, transformation and to the conservation, respecting the natural vocation of the territory rich of a highly valuable olive production. The observance of the chemical-physical and organoleptic parameters favors the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The company is also involved in the research and study of local cultivation, to highlight the tipicity, smells and flavors of oils obtained from the same variety (monovarietal oils).

Technical information:
– Origin: Serre, Postiglione and neighboring areas at the Alburni Mountains, at 250/600 m. on sea level in the PDO area “Colline Salernitane”.
– Climate: temperate, dry, with warm currents from the Gulf of Salerno, rains during fall and late winter. Average temperatures of 15/20 ° C. Frosts are rare.
– Cultivar: Rotondella, Carpellese, Frantoio, Nostrale, Leccino.
– Collection: hand-grinding from the tree.
– Extraction: continuous integral plant with granite mills and olive finisher.

Organoleptic properties
– Appearance: clear, green with straw yellow reflections.
– Flavor: fruity with freshly picked green olive and herbal and floral hints.
– Taste: firm and persistent, pleasantly bitter and spicy, with a balanced structure, medium fluid.

Chemical-physical properties
– Acidity: greater than or equal to 0.3% in free oleic acid per 100g. K232, K270 and conforming polyphenols.

Raw on soups, especially of legumes. Perfect on pizza, bruschetta, mackerel, sardines and anchovies and grilled meat.