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“Nucillo ‘e curti “is made with purely artisan techniques and it follows the dictates of our best tradition of food and wine. Walnut husks, “Sorrento’s nuts” quality, are hand-picked from selected plants throughout the region: Vesuvius is the most important terrain, then Positano, Capri, Ischia and finally from 2010 also Cilento area. The husks, on the harvesting day, on June 24, are hand-cut into four parts and marinated with pure alcohol and natural aromas in jugs made of green glass; the latter are constantly exposed to the intense sun, so that solar energy can accomplish its fundamental catalyst action to obtain the infusion. In order not to alter the infusion organoleptic characteristics infusion, it is firstly poured into special tanks and then mixed, again by hand, with a syrup made of sugar and water. The mixing procedure, that has as outcome the actual nuclis, follows the infusion filtering phase, using Dutch cloth, the fabric used by the Neapolitan noblewomen for the sheets of their trousseaus.

In this way, in mid October, the nucilus “ ’e curti” is obtain, a liqueur that has some important digestive characteristics, derived not only by the high alcohol percentage, just less than 50°, but also from the carnation, one of the aromas that compose the infusion, whose anesthetic qualities, that were well known already in ancient times, alleviating stomach labor during digestion.